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New Jersey Residential Solar Panel Installation

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New Jersey Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel installation immediately enhances the value of your home without any increase in the assessed value of your home or property taxes, since solar installations are considered “beneficial uses” by the State of New Jersey.  New Jersey has a very aggressive plan to generate enormous amounts of energy from alternative sources particularly solar. Numerous generous incentives are offered to homeowners to accomplish the goals of New Jersey’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.  Consequently, by upgrading to a Standard Alternative Solar System you not only enjoy substantially lower electrical costs from the date you connect to the power grid in your area, but you also have made your home more valuable and easier to sell if you ever decide to do so in the future.  All costs paid by you for your Solar System are also exempt from New Jersey Sales Tax.

Solar electric systems on your home use solar Photovoltaic (PC) Modules that convert sunlight to direct current (DC), which in turn flows to an installed inverter which converts the direct current to alternating current (AC) which is the same type of electricity supplied by your utility and used by you throughout your home and in your everyday applications. Standard Alternative solar panel systems typically have twenty year warranties on panels and five to ten year warranties on inverters. Our residential solar systems are virtually maintenance free.  Our solar panel systems have no moving parts, and our maintenance programs ensure that your system will run properly for a long time. They will run as efficiently as planned, so you get maximum benefit from an environmental and monetary perspective.

Standard Alternative’s Solar Systems provide custom residential solar energy systems in New Jersey and elsewhere, but New Jersey is one of the two best states in the country from an economic standpoint for a solar panel installation (California being the other).  New Jersey is in the forefront in encouraging alternative energy sources and shows it commitment by offering numerous financial incentives and benefits over and above reduced electrical bills.  You, the solar panel system owner, become the beneficiary of New Jersey’s aggressive RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) which mandates large percentages of all the energy produced in New Jersey be from alternative, renewable sources by certain dates.  Consequently, utility companies are required to purchase clean, solar energy or Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s) from you for each Mwh of solar energy you produce for fifteen years.  This statutory plan affords you the opportunity to generate income or revenues at the same time you are producing electricity for yourself at below market rates. 

More good news!  Every solar panel installation project is entitled to a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit or Grant (ITC) so your project costs you 30% less than the actual project costs.  Remember, the solar industry generates jobs which is good for the economy and our New Jersey; solar power reduces our dependence on foreign oil, dirty energy sources and nuclear power which translates to a national security plus and environmental bonus;  solar power is clean so you’re “green” and contributing to a smaller carbon footprint and bottom line solar is a financial home run for you in the form of lower electrical costs, enhance property value, Federal Investment Tax Credit/Grant and SREC income on top of everything else. 

Our process is easy and simple.  We do all the work and you enjoy the savings and income. 

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Residential Solar Panel Installation NJ New Jersey Residential Solar Panel Installation

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Residential Solar Panel Installation New Jersey
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