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New Jersey Solar Panel Installation

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New Jersey Solar Panel Installers - Solar Energy Solutions NJ

New Jersey is now the single best state in the country for solar panel installation. Standard Alternative, LLC provides commercial, industrial and residential New Jersey customers clean, renewable and solar energy solutions with immediate savings, green benefits and significant revenues.  Standard Alternative is the serious, financially sound and professional choice for solar panel installation, and other alternative energy resources.  We structure and manage every installation project from start to finish and will manage your project or sell your energy for you.  Standard’s principals have over 50 years experience providing quality, high level, commercial and residential professional services including engineering, legal and financial. 

Every customer/client is unique and we tailor a custom solution to each individual solar energy project:  structural, financial, legal and operational. We don’t rely on expensive sources of funds and provide our clients the least expensive options with the best returns and returns on investment.  Our financial strength offers our solar panel installation clients all the attendant benefits of maximum value and performance.  Ultimately our New Jersey clients see bigger savings and larger returns/revenues.  Standard Alternative is not a broker or aggregator.  We design, build, finance, monitor and manage all our solar energy projects. 

Our professional group knows the New Jersey energy marketplace; understands and assists with governmental/regulatory issues; knows the latest and best technologies; has firsthand experience of real estate ownership, development and management; has extensive construction and design experience and we are entrepreneurial.  We are more than willing to discuss partnership and development opportunities which may be “outside” the traditional box. 

Standard Alternative has flexible financing or business models for everyone.  We can provide a turnkey sale where we design, build and install your solar panel system, and the customer finances and owns their own assets, or we can finance and share benefits with you.  Standard Alternative does offer management services. Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer the client the ability to benefit from lower, predictable electricity costs (below market) for an extended period of time with no outlay of capital on their part.  With a PPA, Standard Alternative designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains system at our cost. Standard Alternative also offers creative loans, leases or partnering options whereby the costs and benefits are shared. 

Our engineers understand solar photovoltaic science and we only recommend the most innovative and efficient products. Standard Alternative stays on top of all the newest and best products, designs and services to provide the biggest return on investment for you and for us.  We are not locked into any exclusive arrangements so our clients receive a tailored, efficient and cost effective product. 

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New Jersey Solar Panel Installation

New Jersey Solar Panel Installation

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